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We’re out to bring modern-day technology to the old-school market of commercial real estate financing.

Our Mission

We strive for more intelligent and efficient ways to finance commercial real estate, with fewer steps and greater results.

At LoanBase, we are committed to serving clients with thorough diligence, while providing excellent client service, with the utmost integrity and transparency.

Our Vision

We at LoanBase envision a future where borrowers and lenders are able to directly communicate with one another in order to optimize transparency and efficiency.

LoanBase is able to modernize the commercial real estate financing industry by providing clients with cutting-edge technology enabling borrowers and lenders to have control at the tap of their fingers.

Our Values

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Commitment Driven

We are committed to serving you and strive to develop relationships that make lending a positive and convenient experience for our customers

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Exceptional Quality & Service

We provide top of the line technology and unparalleled white glove service that allows us to deliver premium value for our customers.



Our team holds the highest standards of honor, transparency, and integrity when serving our customers

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Confidence Driven Success

We express a strong will for success in the marketplace, and in all aspects of the commercial real estate financing industry

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Data Driven

We pride ourselves on our first-class technology, close lender and investor relationships, and educated team of seasoned professionals that are here to serve customers



We believe that together, we can revamp the current commercial real estate lending platform to finally place the needs of customers first while being sensitive to hefty fees and lengthy transaction timelines

Our Team


Ari Shpanya

Wiser, Zent, Blok Living Stanford GSB Ignite

avatar 2 jason

Jason Simon
CPO & Capital Markets

Greystone & Co, UBS Investment Bank,  USC Marshall

Tammy Bains
Chief Credit Officer


Eido Gat
Product Design Sift

Bynder, Springboard, Blok Living, Zent, Wiser

avatar 4 daniel

Daniel Azad
Loans Origination

RE Investor & Broker, CPM Management, USC Marshall

Aaron Oliverio
Relationship Manager

Jessica Wagstaff

avatar 5 sharon

Sharon Dagan
Technical Advisor

Resident, Nectar Sleep, Meerkat, PicScout

Dan Levy
ML & Data Structuring Advisor

Columbia Business School

Ben Vigil
Sales Operations

avatar 9 oleg

Oleg Polishuk

Chief Software Architect


Arthur Saenko
Frontend Engineer

Brandon Brooks - Senior Relationship Manager

Brandon Brooks

Sr. Relationship 






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Qualified Leads + Seamless Loan Packages = Delighted Customers
In order to be competitive, it is essential that lenders today offer their users a streamlined process.

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LoanBase successfully arranged a $4,100,000 10- year fixed loan to refinance for an office building in Seattle. The Borrower was seeking for a solution with transparency, efficiency of product, and reduced transaction costs. The Borrower who is a real-estate ...

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