Commercial Real Estate Loans Statistics (2022)

Investing in real estate is responsible for creating more millionaires worldwide than any other business venture. It’s estimated that 9 out of every 10 millionaires earned their wealth through real estate investments. Based on data from the FDIC, 98% of all FDIC-insured lenders are involved in commercial real estate lending. Just 10 FDIC-insured banks hold […]

Fix and Flip & Residential Loans Statistics (2022)

Residential and fix and flip loans statistics

Nearly 6,000,000 homes are sold every year in the United States. Out of all homes currently owned in the US, 60% of them carry mortgage debt. The average mortgage debt held by US homeowners is $202,284, with an average monthly payment of $1030. Homeowners in the US are paying an average interest rate of 3.94% […]