Here are resources and insights we find important. They primarily relate to the most common real-estate investing transactions, and would help to guide you throughout any loan process.

How to Finance Land

How to finance land? Investors are able to finance land through a few different types of loan structures. However, the loan that you go with

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Land Values

Investors should know: In order to value land, investor should know that appraisers will never know the true value of the property. Why? Land can’t

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Raw Land

What are the types of raw land investments? Investors can buy raw land that will be used in the future for residential development, commercial development,

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Office Investment Properties

What are Office Investment Properties? Office investment properties consist of leasable space for business related purposes. These properties hold tenants that are performing income-generating activities.

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Retail Investment Properties

What are retail investment properties? Retail investment properties consist of shopping centers, supermarkets, entertainment centers and other retail-based businesses. Why Invest in Retail Commercial Real

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